Dr Liu was interviewed on CNA 938 Health Matters with Daniel Martin on 5 July 2023. She spoke on the prevalence of hearing loss, what can be done to improve hearing loss, how cochlear implants work and shared the story of her patient’s heartwarming journey to better hearing with bilateral cochlear implants.
The interview will feature talks with Dr Liu Jiaying, she will share invaluable tips and strategies on how to overcome hearing loss.
Ear candling services are commonly offered in Singapore together with Spa and Wellness packages. Let’s explore if it really works.
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Snoring is a fairly common phenomenon causing sleep disturbance for your partner. It can signify obstruction in one or several parts of your breathing passage such as your nose or throat / tonsils.

About 20 per cent of patients with hearing loss in Singapore are in their 30s or 40s, according to an audiologist.

CNA – When it comes to hearing aids, many of us associate these devices with elderly grandparents and, by extension, a sign of old age and vulnerability. As did Soh Lee Lee.